Vintage: The Winemaker’s Year is a feature length documentary exploring the rapid growth of the wine industry in Virginia and its increasing impact on the state’s cultural, social, and economic landscape. The film is now airing on PBS stations across the nation.

Filmed and presented in high definition widescreen format, the narrative of the film is comprised of two intertwining strands- the story of the wine industry’s rise from humble beginnings and the tale of the creation of the state’s 2008 vintage. Vintage is an observational style documentary with the players and places of the Monticello Wine Region in Central Virginia serving as its main characters.

Vintage examines the factors that make Virginia unique amongst the wine producing regions of the United States and explores why two hundred years after Thomas Jefferson’s failure to cultivate grapes at Monticello the region is finally flourishing as a producer of quality wines.

Viewers will see Virginia as a rapidly advancing player in the wine industry, one that is gaining national attention, attracting top winemakers and wine professionals, and poised for explosive growth in the decades to come.

    The Winemaker's Year

    TRT 86:46:00/56:00:00
    Closed Captioned

      Silverthorn Films

    Presenting Station:
      WCVE Richmond PBS


    Director of Photography:
      Terence McArdle

    Original Score:
      Will Musser

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